Arete Coach Podcast 1009 Larry Cassidy

Severin Sorensen
over 1 year agoJanuary 1, 2021
This is episode 1009 of the Arete Coach Podcast with host Severin Sorensen and his guest Larry Cassidy, Executive Coach, a veteran executive coach, and Vistage Chair where he has coached entrepreneurs and business executives for 33+ years. Interestingly, Larry got his start in leadership and management in the US Marine Corps where he was a Lieutenant. From the military service, he went on to graduate school and private industry. Larry is an over-achiever and wonderful coach who has conducted over 14,000 paid executive coaching sessions and has also received numerous coaching awards including the coveted Vistage STAR, Chair of Excellence, Master Chair, Regional Chair, was named as one of “50 who made a difference” at the 50th Anniversary of Vistage; and importantly he was awarded the Robert Nourse (Chair of the Year), and Don Cope Award (the highest recognition for Chairs). So we have the opportunity today to hear from a rockstar among executive coaches and it promises to be an engaging conversational journey.

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This interview was conducted on 12/09/20 via Zoom Video.
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